iProtect Workshop


iProtect WORKSHOP - - PART I
Against pornography…
Pornography addiction, known as one of the most dangerous drug of our time. It has a serious negative impact on one’s society, family members, job, marital and sexual life, as well as the religious and spiritual growth of any individual.`
The workshop is designed to raise an awareness of the negative impact that pornography can cause, not only that but to facilitate certain scientific ways  for parents, spouses and friends in order for them to identify pornography addicts and offer the necessary help.
1.    Shocking statistics
2.     Hidden, destructive sin that mess up one's life
3.     Fear, denial, & justification - - break the cell - -
4.     Get inspired, or you will expire
5.     A change that will change your life
6.     Support & compassion for the addicts
7.     Identify the “circle”
8.     Serious plans
9.     An immediate action
10.  Monitoring the behavior
11.  The Islamic solution &
12.  Much more…
Who can attend this workshop?
-       Parents who wish to secure the lives of their children and help them out if they discovered their undesirable sexual behavior
-       School & university teachers who wish to raise awareness about the danger of pornography and its effect
-       Spouses who found out that their partners are somehow attached to pornography materials
-       Males and females who care about their friends and wanted to provide support
-       General males and females who wanted to get ready when facing additive behavior
1 whole day – 9AM – 6PM including breaks & activities…
NOTE: Personal and confidential coaching sessions maybe offered upon request.