The Penmanship of Faith

This workshop is designed to inform and help the participants to learn the importance of the Arabic language and exercise their penmanship through the 3 systems of writings in Arabic Calligraphy.

There will be an activity book that will be given to each participant where in they will be answering questions, drafting their ideas and practicing their Arabic penmanship.

To learn the origin of Arabic letters.

To know the importance of learning the Arabic language as Muslims.

To write the Arabic letters using the rules of three systems of writing and in its different styles.

The 3 Systems of Writings in Arabic Calligraphy

The 7 Styles of Arabic Calligraphy

Origins and Inventors of the Styles of Arabic Calligraphy

The Qur’an and Arabic Calligraphy

10 AM to 4PM

Online Class to be announced

Who can attend the workshop?

The workshop is ideal for those who have basic knowledge in Arabic letters and want to improve their penmanship or to those who want to have a sound knowledge in regards to the rules and systems of writing of Arabic calligraphy.

Workshop is strictly given only to children and women.

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WHAT they said

"Fix Yourself was an opportunity for me to reflect, think and take decisions to change certain negative behavior. Well presented. "


"Great event, different way of learning that left me amazed all day"

Hong Kong

"This workshop to be was the best and will be most unforgettable leadership program that I have been to"


"I am looking forward to attend more workshops of that kind. I wish my other friends would have attended. "


Inspirational and thoughts provoking

KL, Malaysia

"It helps those who are already leaders, and those who are not it was for them an Iman booster. Well done and very clever approach"


"The best part is when we are asked to make commitments, so it was not a lecture type of approach, but rather a way to make us better and practice what we learned."

Hong Kong

"I have been very lucky that I was invited to this program. It helps me a lot to have more courage in practicing the knowledge taught"


"It was so fun, never got bored and a lot of knowledge gained"