Zohayma Montañer

Zohayma Montañer, of Hispanic Oriental descent, is a 13 time international award winning artist and has become one of the most eminent names in the scope of Islamic art and calligraphy.

Montañer was homeschooled and taught by Shaykha Nuriyya Yusuf where she gained Islamic knowledge and memorized the Qur'an within 8 months. She therefore occasionally delivers halaqah sessions in regards to the essential lessons for Muslim women and Arabic classes for children.

A passionate writer she is, most of her written works and articles published in books and online delve into the grandeur of Islamic history and the life stories of the Companions of the Prophet SAWS.

She has consecutively published two Ramadhan journals that has been sold as well as achieved an immense success worldwide.

In 2012, she founded Al Ihsaan Islamic School of Arts an institution that aims to teach children the basic fundamentals of Islamic art and geometric designs. Two years later, she also founded Banat ul Mu'mineen, a muslim organization composed of sisters from all ages that aim to better themselves through attending weekly halaqah sessions.

Banat ul Mu'mineen is now offering online webinars for sisters where Montañer also holds classes in basic arabic calligraphy, islamic art & geometric designs and gives talks about the important lessons for muslim women.

Montañer is now actively working to spread the message of Islam through her works, lectures and art exhibitions worldwide.

workshops conducted by Zohayma Montañer