Br. Wael Ibrahim

Instructor – Br. Wael Ibrahim:
Founder and chairman of Connect Institute - Worldwide -
BA in Islamic Studies.
Certified Master Life Coach.
Curriculum / Course Designer.

Awarded with a merit degree in public speaking skills and presentations.

Awarded with a certificate a facilitator accredited from the International Institute of Facilitation [INIFAC]

Regular speaker on CHATISLAM.COM

Radio Host on RTHK – channel DAB31 [Hong Kong].

International speaker who delivered a lot of lectures in Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan and other Cities.

Delivered lectures in various universities like Hong Kong University [HKU], City University [HK], Polytechnic University [HK], Polytechnic University of the Philippines [Phil.], Philippine Normal University – PNU [Phil.], the University of the East [Phil], International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

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